Summer school

Summer school

Summer schools are special programmes organized by the University of Split for the purpose of education, recreation and vacation in Split. The aim of the summer school is to provide students and young professionals from different countries to gain experience of a multicultural and interdisciplinary learning through one of seven programs and the possibility of establishing cooperation with other participants and lecturers.

Learning is based on practical examples, visits to companies, and all that with interesting lectures of domestic and foreign lecturers. Interesting courses, workshops, panel discussions on various topics are going to be a part of the summer school.

By getting to know students from all over the world, you can always make new friends. Brush up your skills in the fields of your interest, build up your knowledge and provide yourself the experience of studyinglearning in one of the best universities in Europe, with accommodation, food and best programmes guaranteed.

The Split Summer School will take place in the summer period, and for each programme/course specific dates will be defined as well as the cost.

Courses will be held in English, exception is possible only if all the enrolled participants in the specific programme are Croatian language speakers. Estimated time spent on learning outcomes of the Summer School programme is 60 hours or 2 ECTS points.

FESB Courses

  1. Title: Optimization in power systems and electricity markets;
    Lecturers: Associate prof. Damir Jakus, PhD; Assistant prof. Josip Vasilj, PhD
  1. Title: Measurement and Experimental analysis of vibration
    Lecturers: Associate prof. Damir Sedlar, PhD; Assitant prof. Ivan Tomac, PhD
  1. Title: Human exposure to electromagnetic radiation
    Lecturers: Prof. Dragan Poljak, PhD; Associate prof. Vicko Dorić, PhD; Assistant prof. Maja Škiljo, PhD
  1. Title: Introduction to the Energy Efficiency in Buildings
    Lecturers: Prof. Sandro Nižetić, PhD
  1. Title: Modern and Robotic Joining Technologies of Conventional and Advanced Structural Materials
    Lecturers: Associate prof. Nikša Krnić, PhD; Domagoj Kojundžić, M. Mech. Eng.
  1. Title: Web intelligence in event management
    Lecturers: Associate prof. Ljiljana Šerić, PhD; PhD. Maja Braović
  1. Title: Creating Virtual Reality (VR) Computer Games
    Lecturers: Assistant prof. Tea Marasović, PhD
  1. Title: An gentle introduction to the numerical methods in engineering
    Lecturers: Prof. Željan Lozina, PhD; Anđela Bartulović, M. Mech. Eng.
  1. Title: Numerical optimization with engineering and CFD examples
    Lecturers: Prof. Damir Vučina, PhD; Assistant prof. Ivo Marinić Kragić, PhD; PhD Josip Bašić
  1. Title: Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics
    Lecturers: Prof. Dragan Poljak, PhD; Assistant prof. Mario Cvetković, PhD; Anna Šušnjara, M. Elect. Eng.
  1. Title: Scientific computing with Julia
    Lecturers: Prof. Ivan Slapničar, PhD