for employees and students

FESB Information System

Lecture overview

Lecture overview contains all relevant details for all courses: course contents, teaching load, ECTS, literature, teachers and grading procedure.

Lecturers can upload materials for enrolled students, create exams and record awarded grades. The platform contains notifications form the vice-dean and forum discussions. 

Personal course timetable for each student and teacher.  Public section contains teaching schedules for all teachers/courses and laboratories.

FESB is using Office365- cloud-based service as a webmail system. Once logged in, aside the e-mail, users can administrate its calendar contacts and tasks. 

Electronic course enroll

Following the completion of all requirements for the academic year, students can enrol new courses for the next academic year online.


Web-based collaborative platform for requesting and issuing local and international purchase orders and travel orders.

Electronic grade overview

All the grades awarded to students during their studies are visible in the electronic grade system.

Final and graduate theses

Collection of final and graduate theses with search options using combinations of keywords.


Allows download of Microsoft software available under the MSDNAA licence.