International Students

International Students

International Students

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture offers one undergraduate and two PhD full-time degree programmes taught in English language.

Faculty also offers wide range of undergraduate and graduate – level courses taught in English language to students coming partner institutions.

Detail information about Croatian Higher Education System, general admission and enrolment procedure, foreign educational qualifications recognition, tuition fees, grading system and scholarships can be found at:


Student Associations

Student life in FESB

FESB is proud to be hosting many student organizations gathering great number of young innovative people, visionaries, creating something greater than themselves.

At FESB, a great deal of attention has always been paid to the work of student associations or project groups. Students thus run a radio station, paddle, play football or do projects / applications useful for FESB.

The UPS is already known to everyone for their car and motorcycle, which they have been building with the support of FESB for several years.

DUMP, an association of young developers whose members with their free lectures and enthusiasm, step out of the ordinary activities and raise the threshold of excellence in a way that benefits both students and FESB as their “host”.

 The representative body of FESB students is the FESB Student Assembly.